Daily Inspiration #8

Are we all not healers in our own right? No. We are not.
Everyone feels pain and hurt, most people get heal without getting weird about it. Many choose to wallow in self-pity instead. Others choose to wear their wounds as banners. Banners that say “Hey! Yeah, it hurts, but not enough to stop me.”
Allow your pain to clear the path, not muddy it.

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What Is Wrong With You? An Introduction To What Is Wrong With You. Ch. 01

You see, you cannot obtain your dreams and goals when there are so many things wrong with you. You can not fix what is wrong with you until you know what is wrong with you.This book will show you that. It will tell you all about the many things that are wrong with you and how you must have help fixing them.

Are you ready to get started learning why you constantly fail? Is it difficult to look deep within myself and be honest about my shortcomings? What if I don’t have a real desire to go through the difficult process of personal growth but just want to FEEL like I am doing something about my mess of a life?

What is Wrong With You? An Introduction to What is Wrong With You will explain that what is wrong with you is more complex than you could ever conceive of. You have so many problems, only this book can help you resolve those issues. You will learn that finding out what is wrong with you is easier and less expensive than you think!

Chapter One: How Things Went Wrong With You

From the time your mother first held you in her arms and you absorbed all of her fears into your mind instead of allowing them to bounce off of your tiny body, there have been things wrong with you.

Your father also broke you – first by being initially uncomfortable with his new responsibilities and then together with your mother, your parents ruined you with careless thoughts and ignorant words and before you knew it there were things wrong with you.

Your parents may have meant well, but meaning well doesn’t mean that those mistakes weren’t made. It means that they meant well and now things are wrong with you. Terrible but not insurmountable things. You may or may not have hope. You do have a chance at hope and that chance is me, the Rev Dr. Hugo Homesnow and my books.

Together let us examine, one by one the sources of the things that are wrong with you.

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Daily Inspiration #5

What is soul illness? Soul illness occurs when thoughts and actions are out of sync with words. 
When a person is forced to subvert or ignore their wants, needs, and goals in order to maintain a reality they aren’t interested in, it never ends well. 
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Daily Inspiration #2

Making babies is a sure fire way to ensure you are tired for 18-28 years. Do you really think you have what it takes to not sleep for decades? 
I have undergone tremendous hardships in my life coach training, but that suffering is nothing compared to being yelled at by babies all the time.
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Star Report October 2019

Each month I step out of my crystal meditation chamber, close my office and leave my home. I plunge into the wilderness and ride the cosmic current until I am speaking directly to the star people. I ask them what you need to know in order to better navigate the coming lunar cycle and they speak to me. I then return to Earth and share this cosmic wisdom, with you, my readers.

Aries- Time to own up to who ate all those pickles and ruined the annual pickle day parade. You can’t hide forever, too many people are looking for you.

Taurus-Are you sad to see the Sun leave your sign or were you too busy to notice he was even there in the first place? Thought so.

Gemini- So the homemade rocket ship didn’t quite work as planned. You already quit your job, so why not try again? What’s the worst that could happen? Interstellar travel gets put into the hands of the common citizen? That’s not so bad.

Cancer- You’re up to your old ways, but everyone else is up to their new ways.

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